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Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels (Size 8)(35 Pack)

Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels (Size 8)(35 Pack)

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Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels are a modern style of swivel that is a popular light tackle option for line-to-line and line-to-leader connections, as well as setting up float and running sinker rigs. They can be used to make personally customised pre-rigged wire traces for a number of fishing scenarios.

These swivels are made of high end materials that have been pre-tested to ensure top performance in their class. Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels reduce line twist, have solid construction and are available in a comprehensive size range with a black finish that minimises light reflection, avoiding attacks from toothy predators known to sever lines while biting shinier swivels. Packaged in resealable zip locking bags, all Tsunami swivels offer a great value for any fisher’s tackle box.

  • Size: 8
  • 35 per pack
  • Colour: Black
  • 20lbs/9kgs

Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels Size 8 35 Pack JW39306