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Axia Chest Waders (Green)

Axia Chest Waders (Green)

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Classic pair of PVC chest waders ideal for all types of anglers whether you're sea, game, coarse or carp fishing these durable waders won’t let you down and won’t cost the earth. Adjustable straps allow you to make the wader as comfortable as possible and can be changed to suit the type of clothing you’re wearing at the time without the waders falling down or being too tight. A good quality, comfortable boot is welded to the main wader for a robust, waterproof seam that won’t leak. Great value waders for all angling and bait collecting scenarios.


  • PVC
  • Adjustable straps
  • Welded boots
  • Waterproof seams

Keep yourself warm and dry underneath your new waders with our range of thermal baselayers!

Waders care instructions:

  • Rinse your waders with fresh water after every use - pay attention to seams etc where salt/sand can build up
  • Turn waders inside out
  • Hang by their heels and air dry completely before storage - otherwise mould might develop
  • Mould can affect the waders breathability, cause damage to the membrane, cause smell or cause the tape on the seams of the waders to loosen and fade all of which in time will cause the waders to leak
  • Waxing the exterior of the waders is a good idea, as it works as a barrier between the surface of the rubber and the elements - keeps your rubber boots from dry rotting

Storing your waders:

  • Store flat or hanging - do not fold as this causes cracking and eventually, leaks
  • Make sure they are completely dry
  • Store indoors
  • Do not store in a box on the floor in a shed or garage as mice love them during the cold winter months!

Tronix Axia Chest Wader ACW4