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Tackle House Nabura Deka Metal Lure (6cm/14g)(Shirasu)

Tackle House Nabura Deka Metal Lure (6cm/14g)(Shirasu)

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The realistic shape and glass eye are part of an undercover operation cleverly planned to present no sense of discomfort to the target: falling and retrieval for a troublemaker that comes for chum; skipping on the surface of the water and retrieval just under the water for reckless speeding fish. All you need is steady retrieval and a tail fin goes with the flow, and the troublemaker will surely be driven in to a corner!

The Nabura Deka is a narrow profile metal sinking lure with an fantastic tight wobble action. Allow to Fall Retrieve. A very effective subsurface lure which mimics small bait fish perfectly when retrieved quickly. Can also be potent when used to skip on the surface by occasionally breaking the surface with the nose of the lure. A great lure for aggressive predators such as Bass and Sea Trout as well as Perch, Pollack and Mackerel.

How to fish the lure:
Occasionally skip the lure along the water surface and retrieve just under the water surface. When only winding, the fin on the tail catches the water, creating movement. A fantastic estuary lure. Fabulous Japanese quality holographic and luminous finishes make this a brilliant bait.
  • Weight: 14g
  • Length: 60mm
  • Colour: Shirasu
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Tackle House Nabura Deka Metal Lure 6cm 14g Shirasu RTNAB14