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Tsunami Black Barrel Swivels (Size 2)(15 Pack)

Tsunami Black Barrel Swivels (Size 2)(15 Pack)

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Tsunami Black Nickel Barrel Swivels are a modern style of swivel that is a popular in light tackle option for flexible rotation and reduced water resistance with line-to-line and line-to-leader connections, as well as setting up the float and running sinker rigs. They can be used to make personally customised pre-rigged wire traces for a number of fishing scenarios.


  • Size: 2
  • Bearing weight: 108lbs/49kg
  • 15 per pack
  • High-end Materials
  • Reduction in line twist
  • Solid Construction
  • Range of Sizes Available
  • Black Finish
Tsunami Black Barrel Swivel Size 2 108lbs 49kg 15 Pieces JW39323