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Owner S-Owner Treble Narrow Eye Hook (Size 10)(8 Pack)

Owner S-Owner Treble Narrow Eye Hook (Size 10)(8 Pack)

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When fishing for salmon you should leave nothing by chance. A dull, weak hook can cause a real disaster: a false take or – even worse – a lost fish! Therefore, countless salmon fishermen worldwide trust Owner premium trebles. Without a doubt, these hooks offer the highest level of sharpness, stability and quality. Their special shape was designed to create the perfect tube fly treble. They are relatively short and the wide hook gaps create incomparable hooking and fighting properties. Further, the superb Owner quality provides even the smallest versions with outstanding stability. Last but not least, the very narrow eye can be pulled into almost every tube and every silicone tube preparing your fly for the strongest fish at any time.

The one and only Owner STN-36BC: the top of the line tube fly treble – because the fish of a lifetime should not escape due to a weak hook!

  • Hooks size: 10
  • 8 Per Pack
  • Compact and extremely reliable tube fly treble for salmon and sea trout
  • Cutting Point™ Technology
  • Black chrome finish
  • Ideal for fresh and inshore saltwater use
  • Narrow eye ideal for tube flies
  • Straight Oval Eye
  • Micro Barbed End
  • Extra Strong

    Owner S-Owner Treble Narrow Eye Hook Size 10 8 Pack EW-STN36BC10