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HTO Lure Clip (Size 6)(8 Pack)

HTO Lure Clip (Size 6)(8 Pack)

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A small, strong, secure link for attaching lures. Based on the design of the Coastlock Snap Swivel from our sister brand Tronixpro, this is one of the strongest and most secure lure links we do. The secure, wrap around, fit over clip is tight and designed so it is impossible for a lure to work its way through, lures will only come out if the angler wants them to. Although super secure, attaching lures is easy, thanks to the way the clip is designed, allowing the eye of the lure to be placed over the wire and forced round. The internal space in the clip gives plenty of movement for a weedless hook, jig head or hard lure to move, so it does not impact on lure performance. This compact clip is lightweight too, so its weight will not change the balance of the lure.


  • Breaking Strain: 26lbs
  • Size: 6
  • 8 per pack
  • Colour: Silver

HTO Lure Clip Size 6 8 Pack HLC6