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Leeda Flip Up Game Net (60cm)(Olive Green)

Leeda Flip Up Game Net (60cm)(Olive Green)

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No matter whether you’re fishing for predators, coarse fish, or carp, one thing remains constant. Anglers don’t just want to hook their catch; they want to land them too. This is why landing nets are integral to every angler’s fishing setup, regardless of discipline, and a top quality landing net remains the only way to confidently and safely bring a catch from the water to the land.
Covering Coarse, Sea and Game Leeda is the number one choice for millions of anglers starting out in fishing.
Great value for money and with knotless soft mesh suitable for catch and release.


  • Net head: 60cm
  • Knotless, soft mesh suitable for catch and release
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Flip-up head design
  • Compact folding, extending 2 piece handle
  • Belt clip and lanyard
Leeda Flip Up Game Net 60cm Q0277