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Cormoran Magmix Groundbait Mix (1kg)(Bream)

Cormoran Magmix Groundbait Mix (1kg)(Bream)

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The Magmix bait mixtures have been developed by specialists of the international competition scene and are specially designed for the requested target fish respectively fishing method. The feed is very active in the water and attracts fish even from great distances to the feeding place.

The Magmix's combination of feeding stimulating attractors and little satiating, chipped particles and superior meals makes the fish search actively for feed and stay longer in the fishing area.

Mix the feed in short terms, 3-4 times within 15-20 minutes, with small amounts of water and let it soak. Then push it through a sieve. Adding maggots, casters and worms makes it even more catchy. Keep in a cool and dry place.
Minimum durability: 12 months.

Cormoran Magmix Groundbait Mix 1kg Bream COM59