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Maxima Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (8lb/25m)

Maxima Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (8lb/25m)

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A low refractive material with non-flash components makes Maxima Fluorocarbon totally invisible to fish in the water. A new polymer structure enhances the sensitivity of the line and gives Maxima extraordinary castability. The special finish is additionally treated with a UV-protection extending the line’s useful life. Like all Maxima lines, Maxima Fluorocarbon is exceptionally strong and reliable under all conditions.

  • 100% genuine fluorocarbon, a polymer blended with fluorine and carbon
  • Offers total invisibility, a proprietary and new blend of low refractive material with non-flash components, the same refractive index as water
  • Improves softness due to unique polymer structure, noticeably more supple than comparable fluorocarbons
  • High durability finish offers abrasion resistance and high knot strength
  • Supplied on 25m spools
  • Colour - White

Weight: 8lb/3.5kg
Length: 25m/27yds
Diameter: 0.24mm

Maxima Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 8lb 25m MXFL258