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KletterRetter Seventy Liquid Chalk 200ml

KletterRetter Seventy Liquid Chalk 200ml

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The KletterRetter liquid magnesia (Liquid Chalk) is easy to use. You open the bottle, apply a small amount to your fingers/hands, rub it in and wait for about 7-10 seconds. The magnesia dries and turns white.
With liquid magnesia you get a much better friction (through magnesia and resin) with much less dust than with regular magnesia!

Safety precautions
Do not put in your mouth or swallow. Before first use, test a small amount on your skin, stop using immediately in case of an allergic reaction. Do not apply to open wounds.

Magnesium carbonate, resin, alcohol, thickener.


>With a composition of more than 70% alcohol
>Dries very quickly
>Increased friction
>Significantly less dust than with conventional magnesium
>Easily washable

Idea for:

  • Weight lifting
  • Olympic lifting
  • Pole classes
  • Rock climbing
  • Climbing walls
  • Gym Users
  • CrossFit