Osprey 6ft Surf Ankle Leash

Osprey 6ft Surf Ankle Leash

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An Osprey 6ft Surf Leash is an invaluable piece of surfing equipment that can help keep you, others and your board safe when out on the waves. With your board close by, you can have peace of mind that, should you get into trouble, you have your board there to lie on and wait for help. It will also stop your board drifting off and potentially getting in other rider’s way or crashing into rocks and damaging your board.

The 7mm PU high-strength flexi-core cord has been designed to be thick enough to withstand high tension whilst thin enough to prevent drag, making paddling easier and less energy intensive. The stainless steel swivel adds to this strength, while the built in tail saver string has been built for rough water conditions so that you don’t have to worry about your leash separating from your board.

Whilst simultaneously being strong, the ankle strap with key pocket has been ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort so that you hardly know you’ve got it on!


Leash Length: 6ft
Cord Thickness: 7mm PU high-strength flexi-core cord
Strap: Adjustable ankle strap with key pocket
Swivel: Stainless steel

**This leash is also available in red - please leave a note on your order if you would like to be sent a red leash instead of a blue leash.